Meticulously crafted. Tailored to perfection.

Aesthetics, functionality and performance are at the core of pq&u’s inventions.


3D scanning algorithms and selective laser sintering (SLS) are combined to create pq&u frames that fit perfectly. Every new 3D printing and scanning innovation out there is vetted by pq&u to remain at the cutting edge of the industry.


pq&u frames are tailored to every individual’s facial size and shape, allowing optimal fit and precise proportions. With pq&u, “these don’t fit me” is a thing of the past.


pq&u’s designs fulfill the sartorialist dreams of culture makers and those seeking something playful, yet exceptional. Only superior quality materials make up the stylish frames, which are crafted with cutting-edge technology and finished by hand.

Meticulously crafted. Tailored to perfection.

360° scanning

pq&u’s 3D scanning technology captures facial features to build a digital model as unique as each individual.

Create your own

Select a frame design and pq&u’s PerfectFit™ technology will reengineer it to ensure the optimal fit. Frame and lens colors are then customized based on the owner’s preferences.

Yours & yours alone

Glasses will be encased in sophisticated packaging and arrive within two weeks.

3d printing

Selective laser sintering (SLS) is used to create one-part monolithic frames, eliminating the need for assembly and additional components.

Free from the constraints of traditional tooling and manufacturing, SLS allows each and every frame to be made specifically for its owner. A pq&u frame will be yours and yours alone – there will never be another one just like it.

The precision and personalization surpass any conventional method of production and manufacturing.